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Happy Customers

"Also I just thought I'd let you know I sleep better at night knowing my data is safe backed up and away from my two year old and her throwing arm. "


"Many thanks. I really love the service. Very comforting to know that there's insurance against something catastrophic happening for such a reasonable price."


"Just wanted to let you know I continue to be impressed with the service; hadn't checked on it in awhile, and all my most recently altered files are right there where they should be; the service runs in the background just like you say it does. Just getting what's advertised is pretty rare these days, so, good job"


"Thanks! That did the trick, didn't lose anything. I appreciate it. By the way, I tell everyone about you guys, I've had Backblaze for 1 year now on my MacBook Pro and it works flawlessly. Keep up the great work! "


"Backblaze’s backup application is one of the easiest to use."

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